BBC News: 英国脱欧谈判入第二阶段

所属教程:2017年12月BBC新闻听力 更新:12-20

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A vast public inquiry in Australia into decades of child sexual abuse in various institutions acorss the country has made hundreds of recommendations in its final report. They include priests being ordered to report abuse confided to them and the confessional. The report also proposes that the Roman Catholic Church makes celibacy among its clergy voluntary.


The Royal Commission found that tens of thousands of children had been abused at institutions. The archbishop of Sydney Antony Fisher said it was essential that the victims of abuse get justice. I think whatever the cost, we have to address this fully. We have to be ready to give whatever it takes to bring healing and justice, compassion to the victims. And, of course, the churches have already been doing this for sometime now. There's been processes in place and there's been court judgement since so on. And we know that it will be more of that ahead and I say that we stand ready to do what is just and compassion in this area.


European leaders meeting later in Brussels are expected to give the go-ahead for talks on Britain's departure from the EU to move to a second stage. The next step would be a transition deal followed by talks on trade. From Brussels, it's Kevin Connelly. It maybe Britain's best moment to the Brexit process so far. But Theresa May won't be on hand to enjoy it.


EU protocol demands that the UK is not present when leaders of the other 27 member states discuss the negotiations. But the round of a applause that greeted Mrs. May's remarks at dinner last night about her personal commitment to a smooth Brexit suggests a profound relief of the process is more or less on track and also a degree of support for Mrs. May herself. The months to come will almost certainly hold further difficulties,but the government should be able to greet today's precedings here with a sign of relief.


The Peruvian president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has rejected calls for him to resign over corruption allegations. Speaking after talks with members of his cabinet, Mr. Kuczynski said he would not be intimidated into stepping down by the opposition. I'm here to face the allegations. I will not run. I will not hide nor do I have reasons to do so. I'm here because you all deserve an explanation and I have obligation to give it. I assume all responsibilities for my actions. I'm here to tell you I'm not going to abdicate my honor nor my values nor my responsibilities as president for all Peruvians.

秘鲁总统 佩德罗·巴勃罗·库琴斯基否认了他将因腐败指控而辞职的传言。在与内阁成员对话后,库琴斯基表示称他将不会被反对派所吓倒。我将会直面这些指控,我不会逃跑也不会躲藏,我也没有必要这样做。我在这里是因为我应该给你们一个解释,我有义务这么做,我将对我的行为负责。我来这里是为了告诉你们,我不会放弃作为秘鲁总统的荣誉,价值和责任。

Earlier, a congressional committee said companies linked to the president received millions of dollars from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.


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