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Singapore Approves Sale of Lab-Grown Meat


Singapore’s government has approved the sale of a laboratory-grown chicken meat. The American company that invented the product, Eat Just, says it is the first time lab-grown meat has received such approval anywhere in the world.

新加坡政府已批准出售实验室培育的鸡肉。发明该产品的美国公司Eat Just(以下译为“锦食”)表示,这是全球首个获批的实验室培植肉。

Lab-grown meat – also called clean or cultured meat – is created from animal cells in a laboratory. The product is made without harming animals. The cells grow directly into the meat, outside of any animal.


The Eat Just product is to be sold as small pieces, called nuggets. The product is set to launch at a Singapore restaurant “in the very near term,” the company’s CEO Josh Tetrick told Reuters news agency.


Singapore is an island city-state of 5.7 million people.


Demand for alternatives to animal meat is rising across the world because of public concerns about health, animal welfare and the environment. Plant-based products - popularized by companies like Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods and Quorn - are selling in a growing number of stores and restaurants.

由于公众对健康、动物保护主义和环境的担忧,全球对动物肉类替代品的需求正在上升。由Beyond Meat、Impossible Foods和Quorn等公司推广的素食产品在越来越多的商店和餐馆里销售。

But the development of lab-grown meat has been much slower than that of plant-based versions. The main reason for the delay is money. Lab-grown meat costs a lot more to produce.


Tetrick said the San Francisco-based company is also seeking approvals from U.S. government agencies. But he added that Singapore was a “good bit” ahead of the United States.


The Singapore Food Agency said it examined data from processing, manufacturing control and safety testing before approving Eat Just sales. Tetrick said it is likely that the U.S. and countries in Europe and elsewhere will examine Singapore’s approval system and will attempt to create a similar process.


Eat Just said it will manufacture the product in Singapore. The company also plans to start making a plant-based egg substitute there that it is already selling in the United States.


Eat Just was founded in 2011 and has raised more than $300 million, Tetrick said. The company is valued at around $1.2 billion.


Worldwide, more than 24 companies are testing lab-grown fish, cow and chicken meat. They are hoping to break into a new part of the alternative meat market. Financial experts at Barclays Bank have estimated the market could be worth up to $140 billion by 2029.


Competitors in the market have also been able to raise large amounts of money and win support from well-known investors.


U.S.-based Memphis Meats raised money this year in a deal led by Japan’s SoftBank Group and Singapore-based Temasek. Among the Memphis Meats’ investors are Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Virgin Group chief Richard Branson.


In Singapore, Shiok Meats aims to become the first company to sell lab-grown shrimp. The company is backed by Henry Soesanto of the Philippines’ Monde Nissin Corporation, which also owns Quorn.

新加坡公司Shiok Meats的目标是成为第一家销售实验室培植虾肉的公司。该公司得到了菲律宾蒙迪公司的亨利·索桑托的支持,后者还是Quorn的拥有者。

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