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UPDATE:The suspected gunman has died of gunshot wounds. He shot himself when confronted by police on a highway, officials said. The suspect, Vester Flanagan, was a former employee of the television station WDBJ.

更新:涉嫌枪手已因枪伤死亡。官方表示,他在高速公路上遇到警察时开枪自杀。疑犯韦斯特·弗拉尼根(Vester Flanagan)是一位WDBJ电视台前雇员。

A gunman opened fire on an American television news crew during a ‘live' television broadcast Wednesday morning. Two people died in the attack. They were identified as 24-year-old reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman, 27-year-old Adam Ward.

周三早上,在一档电视节目直播期间,一名枪手向美国电视新闻工作人员开枪射击。在袭击中,两人死亡。经确认,他们分别为24岁的记者艾莉森·帕克(Alison Parker)和她27岁的摄影师亚当·沃德(Adam Ward)。

Reporter Alison Parker, left, conducting a live interview moments before she was shot dead, Aug. 26, 2015.

Television station WDBJ says they were attacked in South Mountain Lake, near the city of Roanoke in southwestern Virginia. Ms. Parker was questioning a local business leader when the gunman began shooting. The businesswoman was shot in the back, but survived.


The camera caught images of the suspected gunman. They show a man wearing dark clothing.


Police launched a search for the suspect, who fled the area. He was identified as Vester Flanigan, a former employee of the television station where the two victims had worked. Visit the website www.chinavoa.com to get more information!

警方对逃离该地区的疑犯展开追捕。袭击者是韦斯特·弗拉尼根(Vester Flanagan),他是两名受害者所在电视台的一位前雇员。

Officials say the suspect shot himself when police found him on a road outside Washington, D.C. He was at first reported to have died. But it was learned later that he survived his own gunshot and was taken to a hospital in "very critical condition."


Vester Flanigan also was known as Bryce Williams. Two social media accounts linked to that name were used after the shooting to publicize images from the attack.

韦斯特·弗拉尼根(Vester Flanagan)又被称为布莱斯·威廉姆斯(Bryce Williams)。在枪击事件后,与该名字相关的两个社交媒体账户被用于宣传袭击中的图像。

The shooting happened early Wednesday as the television station was broadcasting a ‘live' video feed from the news crew. Another reporter for the station said, "We have no idea what happened, they were out covering a feature story - they were not covering protests or demonstrations."


The general manager of WDBJ, Jeffrey Marks, appeared during the broadcast after the attack. "We heard screaming," he said. "We heard nothing. And then the camera fell."

在袭击案件之后,WDBJ电视台总经理杰弗里·马克斯(WDBJ, Jeffrey Marks)在该台电视节目广播期间现身。他说,“我们听到尖叫声,然后就再无声息,然后摄像机就摔落在地。”

The shooting took place about 190 kilometers from Virginia's capital, Richmond.


I'm Jonathan Evans.

我是乔纳森·埃文斯(Jonathan Evans)。

This report was based on information from VOA's News Division. Ashley Thompson adapted the story for Learning English. George Grow was the editor.


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critical – adj. relating to a medical condition at which doctors are expecting a change in condition

accounts – n. a record or a business plan for services

feature story– n. a report known best for the quality of its writing