BBC News: 英国皇室重新考虑种族多样性政策

所属教程:2021年03月BBC新闻听力 更新:03-23

BBC news with Danielle Jalowiecka.


The American defense secretary has called for a reduction in violence in Afghanistan during a brief an unannounced visit to Kabul. After talks with President Ghani, Lloyd Austin refused to be drawn whether the Biden administration still plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by May.


A state of emergency has been declared in the U.S city of Miami after thousands of tourists descended for the annual spring break holiday, risking the spread of coronavirus. The mayor of Miami beach said visitors have brought chaos and disorder to the city.



Britain's royal family is reviewing its diversity policy in the wake of racism allegation made by the Duke and Dutch of Sussex. The BBC has been told the work began before the remarks made by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.


The pioneering Egyptian writer and doctor Nawal Saadawi has died in Cairo at the age of 89. Ms.Saadawi who was once in prison for her campaigning on women's rights revolutionized discussions on gender in Egypt.

埃及先锋作家兼医生纳瓦尔·萨达维(Nawal Saadawi)在开罗去世,享年89岁。曾因女权运动而入狱的萨达维女士彻底改变了埃及关于性别的言论。

President Biden says he is deeply disappointed by Turkey's decision to pull out an international accord designed to protect women from violence. Ankara's decision has sparked condemnation with thousands in Turkey protesting against the move.


Polls have closed in the Republic of Congo where the authoritarian incumbent Denis Sassou Nguesso is hoping to extend his rule of nearly 37 years. Correspondents say there are reports of fairly low turnout, partly due to a boycott by the country's main opposition party and also due to concerns over the fairness of the poll.


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