BBC News: 日本禁止海外观众入境观看奥运会

所属教程:2021年03月BBC新闻听力 更新:03-18

BBC news. Renewed protests in Europe against coronavirus restrictions have been met with robust police action. The day of demonstrations come as the third wave of infections forced millions more in the EU back into lockdown. In the Netherlands, police fired water cannon to clear protesters from Amsterdam's Museum Square. Police in the central German city of Kassel used pepper spray. Meanwhile, Chile has recorded its highest daily number of new coronavirus infections, almost all hospital beds in the country are occupied. The capital Santiago is in lockdown this weekend.


Japan will ban oversea's visitors traveling to Tokyo to watch this summer's Olympic and Para-Olympic games due to coronavirus. The International Olympic Committee said it was a disappointing decision, but safety was a priority.


11 people who were being investigated by the Malta's journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia before her murder in a car bombing have appeared in court. They are to be charged with money laundering, corruption and fraud, and include Keith Schembri, who was chief of staff of the former Malta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.


Two men have been sentenced to death by a special court in the Pakistani city Lahore for a gang rape of a French woman stranded in a highway, a case which sparked public outrage last year. The pair broke into the car and raped her in front of her children.


The International Monetary Funds says there is a sign the global economic recovery is underway, but warns there is a growing divergence between advanced and emerging economies. The IMF said the pandemic has pushed 90 million people into extreme poverty.


Tens of thousands of Kurds have demonstrated against the Turkish government's attempt to close down the main Turkish party, the HDP. Officials told the rally they will defend the party. BBC news.