BBC News: 迈阿密海滩游客扎堆 美国下令宵禁

所属教程:2021年03月BBC新闻听力 更新:03-26

Hello, I'm Moira Alderson with the BBC News.City officials in Miami Beach in Florida have approved an extension to a state of emergency after thousands of tourists descended for the annual spring break holiday, risking the spread of coronavirus. Our North America correspondent Peter Bowes has more details.The authority is saying now that it isn't, as far as they're concerned, just college students who are flocking to Florida and Miami Beach.It's adults as well, general tourists coming to Florida and increasing the numbers that they would normally see at this time of a year.That in large part seems to be the issue, these huge crowds, which local officials say have left them overwhelmed. That's why they brought in this state of emergency. Initially, a curfew from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am was due to last until Tuesday. That has now been extended potentially for up to 3 weeks, such as the seriousness of this situation.


Several police officers have been seriously injured and police vehicle set on fire in the English city of Bristol in violent clashes broke out after a peaceful protest. Thousands of people had gathered to oppose government plans to give the police more powers to curb demonstrations.Andrew Plant is in the city.There's a row of police blocking off what is the central police station here in Bristol.They've also blocked off now at the end of this city center street, but also the side roads too, and they're doing it from behind. But there's still about 1.000 people in here and now they're being left with nowhere to go.Protesters here holding banners concerned, they say that the UK is becoming a police state.The "Kill the Bill" march started in the early afternoon. But as night fell, the clashes began.Projectiles thrown at officers in riot gear. We saw several people with head injuries being helped from the crowd.


The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has described as tyrants state governors and mayors who have imposed lockdown measures to contain a deadly second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. More than 2.200 people are dying of COVID in Brazil daily. Leonardo Rocha reports.Mr. Bolsonaro said his government had done all it could to deal with the health emergency and it was time to reopen the economy. He was addressing hundreds of supporters who gathered outside the presidential palace in Brasilia to celebrate his birthday.Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Brazilian President has dismissed the severity of the coronavirus. He delayed the purchase of vaccines and recently even told people to stop whining and crying over COVID. What shocks many in Brazil is that Mr. Bolsonaro's latest comments come at the darkest days of the pandemic.


The Jihadist organization Islamic State has said it carried out last Monday's attack in Mali that killed 33 soldiers, the deadliest raid on the Malian armed forces this year.A military convoy was ambushed near the borders with Burkina Faso and Niger. World news from the BBC.