BBC News: 法国总统马克龙宣布关闭法国国家行政学院

所属教程:2021年04月BBC新闻听力 更新:04-12

BBC news with Chris Barrel.


President Biden has announced his administration's first measures to limit gun violence in the United States, describing the situation as an international embarrassment. The executive orders include the tightening of regulation for guns that can't be traced by the authorities.


A suspect is in police custody in the U.S state of Texas after a shooting at a business site, which killed at least one person and wounded several others. The suspect was an employee of the firm.


A senior official in Russia has warned that Moscow could intervene to help its citizens in eastern Ukraine. His comments come after weeks of increased flighting in the region between Ukrainian government forces and Russian-backed rebels.


Brazil has reported a new daily record number of deaths caused by the coronavirus amid delays in the vaccination program and collapse of the public health system in many regions. More than 4.200 people have died of Covid in the past 24 hours.


President Emmanuel Macron has announced that he's scrapping the elite Civil Service College that produced four of the last six presidents, himself included. He said a new institution would welcome entrance from a broader range of backgrounds.


A team of international scientists have begun a study on how the coronavirus pandemic has drastically reduced ocean sound pollution. The researchers say they hope to learn how human noise impacts marine life. The gear of the Quiet Ocean Project will analyze data from underwater microphones to see which sea habitats could benefit from a continued slowdown in global shipping.


Scientists in Chile have discovered a new species of mammal that lived in the era of the dinosaurs more 70 million years ago. The fossilized jawbone of the animal which resembles a skunk was discovered in Chile's Patagonia region.


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