BBC News: 英女王丈夫菲利普亲王去世

所属教程:2021年04月BBC新闻听力 更新:04-13

BBC news with Debbie Russ. Buckingham Palace has announced that the Duke of Edinburgh has died. In a statement, the Palace said it was with deep sorrow that her Majesty, the Queen, announced the death of her beloved husband, his Royal Highness, the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle. The Royal family joined with people around the world in mourning his loss. Prince Philip was 99 and the longest serving consort in British history. The Duke and Queen Eliebeth were married for more than 70 years. Prince Philip dedicated decades of his life to royal duty, serving the nation at the monarch's side. He was seen as a strong-willed and independent man. Interviewed on his 70th birthday, he had this to say, "I've just done what I think is my best, and ... some pople think it's all right, other people quite know they don't. What can you do? I can't suddenly change my own way of doing things. I can't change my interest. I can't change my way which I react to things. It is a part of as somebody's style."


The Prince returned to the Windsor Castle in mid March after spending a month in hospital, where he had an operation for a heart condition. Peole have been laying flowers outside the Castle's gates. Speaking from his residence in Downing Street, the British Prime Minster Boris Johnson said, Prince Philip had earnded the affection of generations around the world and that he'd inspired the lives of countless young people with his Duke Edinburgth Award scheme. Other world leaders have been paying tribute to the Duke. The former US President George W. Bush said he had lived a long and remarkable life. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Prince Philip for his distinguished career in the military and for his community service. And the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described him as a man of great purpose and conviction. And that's the latest BBC news.