BBC News: 史上最帅赘婿,英女王丈夫去世

所属教程:2021年04月BBC新闻听力 更新:04-14

BBC news.


The Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth’s husband is to be buried in Windsor next Saturday. Prince Philip died on Friday at the age of 99. Because of coronavirus restrictions, the ceremonial royal funeral will take place entirely within the grounds of Windsor Castle with no public processions, but it will be televised. People are encouraged not to come to Windsor on the day.


Reports from Myanmar say the military kill dozens of people while suppressing a protest in the central city of Bago on Friday. Witnesses said that soldiers used heavy weapons and shot anything that moved. The exact number of people who died may never be known, as the soldiers are said to have taken away the bodies of their victims.


Three soldiers have been executed for treason in Saudi Arabia. The authorities have accused them of targeting the kingdom security and military interests. They were executed close to the border with Yemen, where Saudi Arabia is fighting Iranian-back Houthi rebels.


The home of one of Russia’s highest-profile investigative journalists has been raided by the security services. Roman Anin’s lawyer said the raid could be linked to a lawsuit. The chief executive of the energy company Rosneft, a close ally of President Putin has filed.


Libya has begun inoculating its citizens against coronavirus after receiving vaccines from the international COVAX program and from Russia. The interim prime minister Abdulhamid Dabaiba launched the rollout by receiving a first jab himself.

利比亚在接受国际COVAX项目和俄罗斯提供的疫苗后,开始为公民接种新冠病毒疫苗。临时总理阿卜杜勒哈米德·达拜巴(Abdulhamid Dabaiba)亲自接种了第一针疫苗。

For the first time in its history, a woman has ridden to victory in Britain’s Grand National, one of the world’s most famous horse races. Rachel Blackmore's Minella Times surged ahead after the final fence to reach the winning post with a six-and-half length lead.

历史上首位女性在英国国家赛马大赛--世界上最著名的赛马比赛--获胜。雷切尔·布莱克莫尔的米内拉时代(Minella Times)在最后一栏后迅速领先,以六码半的优势到达终点。

BBC news.