BBC News: “普拜会”前,拜登划出红线!

所属教程:2021年06月BBC新闻听力 更新:06-19

Hello, I'm Debbie Russ with the BBC News. President Biden has said he will lay down redlines to his Russian counterpart in their meeting on Wednesday. Speaking after a summit of NATO leaders, Mr Biden acknowledged that he faced a tough opponent in Vladimir Putin. And he said he was ready to cooperate with Moscow if it chose to do so, but would respond if Russia continued its harmful activities. I'm gonna make clear to President Putin that there are areas where we can cooperate if he chooses. And if he chooses not to cooperate and acts in a way that he has in the past relative to cyber security and some other activities, then we will respond.


Plans to end coronavirus restrictions in England have been delayed for 4 weeks because of rising infections. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the extra time would allow many more people to be fully vaccinated against COVID. Here is our political editor Laura Kuenssberg. The Prime Minister tried to signal very strongly that by the time it gets in the July, that should, in his view, be it. He used the phrase "a terminus date". I think that was also a strong message to those in his party, who worried about extending the limits for another little while. But I think it was also clear, listen to the Prime Minister and the top medics, that they just didn't really feel that they had any choice here. They said that this decision would prevent thousands of deaths with the way that the Delta variant has been spreading.


The Belarus journalist and activist Roman Protasevich has appeared unexpectedly before a press conference in Minsk. He was detained last month after the flight he was on from Greece to Lithuania was forced to land in Belarus. Journalists had been told the Belarus authorities were holding the press conference to provide more details on why the Ryan air flight had been made to land and when Mr Protasevich appeared. The BBC News team left so as not to validate his forced appearance. Our correspondent Jonah Fisher reports. At the last minute, once journalists and foreign diplomats had taken their seats, a name badge at the front was swapped, and Roman Protasevich was brought in. Mr Protasevich has been in detention and has on several occasions been put in front of television cameras to confess to his alleged crimes and to deny being mistreated, where Mr Protasevichwhich clearly having no choice but to take part. The BBC team left the briefing. Several of the diplomats also followed. This is the world news from the BBC.

白俄罗斯记者兼活动家罗曼·普罗塔塞维奇出人意料地出现在了明斯克的新闻发布会上。上个月,他乘坐的从希腊飞往立陶宛的航班被迫降落在白俄罗斯,之后他被拘留。记者们被告知,白俄罗斯当局举行新闻发布会是为了提供这次瑞安航班迫降的原因以及普罗塔塞维奇露面时间等更多细节。BBC 新闻组离开了发布会,从而不为他的被迫现身提供证明。请听本台记者乔纳·费舍的报道。在最后一刻,当记者和外国外交官就座后,前排的一个姓名牌被换,罗曼·普罗塔塞维奇被带了进来。普罗塔塞维奇仍在拘留中,他被多次在带到电视摄像机前承认他被控的罪行并否认受到虐待,显然,普罗塔塞维奇除了按照要求做之外没有别的选择。BBC记者团队离开了新闻发布会。几名外交官也随着离开。BBC世界新闻。